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At this time, our affiliate program is for Free and Premium Members Only. But Don't Worry! We have two Membership Plans - Premium and Free - that give you this privilege to earn a residual on helping others take control of their shortened links with style, ease and with an exhaustive set of exclusive features.

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Scrnch Me has a few membership plans available as described on the Features the Pricing pages on One being Free and the other Premium.

By promoting, you will earn a 100% commission on 50% of those who choose to Upgrade to Premium Membership and remain a paying member! That's $9.97 for each and every month for each Premium Membership you refer to Scrnch Me.

Many will opt to take the Free Membership first, but when they choose to upgrade either right away or months later you'll earn a commission as prescribed above.

Our Limited-Time-Only Introductory Pricing allows for a 14-Day Free Trial as well, so this makes it a no brainer for them to try the Premium Membership Service - Risk Free!



How You Will Be Paid

We use PayPal as our processor, and we pay your commissions Instantly and Directly to your PayPal Account. As a result, all you need is a Business PayPal Account in order to receive your commissions.

Make sure that your paypal account is a Business Account. This requires nothing more than Upgrading your PayPal Account to Business (if you don't have it already) by clicking on "Upgrade..." on the left side of your PayPal account upon logging into

If you need to establish an account you can go to PayPal to setup an account easily and quickly.



Explore our Advanced Free and Premium Membership Features
and Become a Member and Start Earning Residually... in Literally Minutes!



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