These are a few of our members' comments, but they show a variety of why they love it and how they're using it in particular.


“ You've been showing me glimpses off and on and I was constantly bugging you about when it would be launched, and now that it is... WOW!!! I fully expected it to be $47 per month or more - right out of the gate, easily! But less than $10 per month and a Free Trial? That's insane! But you've made it 'insanely' (as you put it) affordable. ”

D. Jones, CEO - MonetizeDesign


“ I love! In fact, in my next software release the affiliates are not only provided with their raw affiliate link, but with your system I'm able to automatically provide them a unique, cloaked link that is already tied to their affiliate link (is that a first for an affiliate progam?)! Not only can they use it in their promotional emails and web page links... your 'One-Click Tweets' feature will allow them to easily push their link out to all of their followers on Twitter! ”

Sid Hale, CEO - RapidActionProfits


“ Without a doubt, it is nothing short of phenomenal. Up to this point, the popular services that are out there now are very limited in what you can do. To create a unique link is almost impossible, so you get stuck with something that just doesn't do it. On top of all the stats you offer for tracking your links, I just love the ability add SEO friendly tags to the links and to be able change the destination URL at any time. I could go on and on about all the features you have added, but there are too many to list. One thing is for sure, your service will be the only one I recommend to my clients from now on. Job well done! ”

John Burnette, CEO - Global Affiliates




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