This application goes well beyond your typical URL Shortener.


Listed below are just a few of the major features, and there are many more in development - now that the groundwork has been laid, and people are clamouring for membership accounts.


Customize Your URLs

Unlimited customization of your shortened URL. Create SEO friendly, 'link-following' url candy which invite users to take a quick click into your URL. (we even let you use the .'s [periods] for customizing the tails of your urls for improving your quality scores in Google PPC accounts!)


Organize/Modify Your URLs

Add/Change/Tweak Titles and Make Changes to any of your destination urls for any of your shortened URLs.

Quick Stats At-A-Glance

Quickly glance at your most-visited URLs, most-unique URLs, and your last created URLs for getting a brief overview of where you're at. You can even drill down the site-wide stats of other users.


Track Unlimited URLs and History

Grab full URL click history, down to the page itself (using our AJAX drill-down feature) - for easy parsing of the URL so you can instantly analyze, adjust and take advantage of.

optimized server

Optimized Click Performance and Calculations

Don't wait 'til some major time in the wee hours of the morning to have your click totals tallied... we've put the work into our server-side scripting that optimizes the data INSTANTLY, without you having to wait for the daily totals.


Track Click Trends

Track click trends over 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, 60 and 90 days periods. No limit to number of clicks!


Track Full Referrer Details

Fully track all details of the Referring URL [and User Information - coming soon, even without javascript]. Allows you to drill down to most successful URL and from an active site. Plus, this allows you to quickly assess how many people/sites are using that link.

yep, we have it!

Auto-Suggest Personalized URLs

Find a Personalized URL that's already taken? No problem, we create available variations for one-click selection and usage, that are SEO friendly and very attractive to clickers. This alone makes almost ANY personalized or alphanumeric link usable.

shorten anywhere

Track Keywords from Major Search Engines

Track keywords from all the Major Search Engines automatically whether you're using from PPC campaigns or just from natural search results... don't worry - we'll track them for you.

shorten anywhere

Track Keywords from All Search Engines

Dynamically track keywords from any and ALL of over 100's of Search Engines (not just the few that even only some URL Shorteners will check for... but all - or at least the ones that are worth a salt). NOT to worry as a Premium Member as we're tracking nearly automatically whether but with the added kicker that we'll even track your 'referring' search terms. More about this will be explained in the Premium Members 'How-To' Sections

shorten anywhere

Track Keywords from Virtually ANY URL Parameter

Dynamically track ANY unique tracking parameter (as your keyword to track) created from Google PPC campaigns, or any of the Major affiliate networks, OR... any parameter in the URL whatsoever! We currently already look for a particular set of incoming URL querystring parameters {as they relate to major linking/redirection systems ie. Tracking 202}.

Make sure you read about our
Dynamic Redirection Feature!


Dynamic Redirect Parameters

Dynamically pull parameters from incoming shortened url links to drive corresponding redirection link parameters. This one is feature alone is huge for those who use dynamic/geo/landing page linking strategies.


Showcasing Your Links

Providing you with more traffic, we'll send more traffic your way as we list the top performers by unique and total raw clicks on the popular sections of our site. Better for SEO backlinking, pagerank, and a plethora of other great reasons!


Create URLs 'On-The-Fly'

Create URLs quickly and easily using our API for shortening URLs from anywhere. Instantly create shortened url links for affiliates. Uses for this are innumerable.

shorten anywhere

Remote URL Creation on 'Roids!

Premium Members enjoy the ability to auto-register URLs and create scrnch.me URLs quickly and easily using our advanced API as well but - On 'Roids! These links that you create will be instantly added to your Premium Member Account! You can 'Add a Title' to the shortened URL for easy searchability later.

This exclusive feature allows you total Remote Shortened URL Creation and Flexiblity.

This one feature alone makes Scrnch Me a priceless tool!

Example Usage: Generate links for your affiliates, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns but you can now 'monitor' clicks on those links created. Uses are limitless and profitable!

shorten anywhere

One-Click Create From Anywhere

Using our scrnchlet (bookmarklet) you can instantly create URLs from any site on the 'net! One click pre-populates, the URL of the page you're on, and if you're not logged in, suggests you login first to keep/track usage in your account.

twitter your urls

One-Click Tweets

Using our Auto-Tweet Feature and instantly share it with your followers on Twitter!

love yer favs

One-Click Social Bookmarking

Instantly 'one-click' promote your URLs to your favorite Social Networking/Bookmarking Sites. These sites are the most underutilized uses of shorter urls as they, too, limit characters to less than a few hundred - making it difficult to squeeze your long URL in the body/input box. Make every character count! more on this feature

send via email

One-Click Email Your URL

Instantly 'one-click' email your link to all of your customers or friends or to any distribution list you may have. [currently we're working on integrating an auto-import feature to preload your contacts on-the-fly allowing you to send your link to them immediately]


One-Click Copy to Clipboard

Instantly copy the shortened URL to the clipboard fast, friendly, and instant pick-up-n-go functionality in using your URLs with ease.

search my urls

Quick Peek at Destination URL

Simply add a component to your Shortened Link and this allows you to retrieve just the resulting destination URL. This is great for your own use or just being transparent to your 'clickers'.

yep, we have it!

Categorize URLs as Favorites

One click makes a shortened URL a favorite and always appears before the rest. This way you can monitor your favorite campaigns or links and you do not have to search for each one individually.

search my urls

Quick Search Feature

Quickly search all of your URLs, using our search tool. Find by Destination URL, Shortened URL, or Title. This is a Real Time-Saver!


Increase Your Own Site's PageRank

We give you a very small piece of code to place in a directory on your server and you can point your shortened URLs to YOUR OWN site so YOU can take the credit and the PageRank increase due to the traffic you send yourself (we've already tested this... it's amazing!). AND, since you're links (with our shortened URL extensions) will not point to http://scrnch.me - but YOUR OWN DOMAIN - the 'trust-factor' of your potential link-clickers will be MUCH higher because they see YOUR DOMAIN in the URL link! It'll be as if your own domain is handling the redirect (not http://scrnch.me!).

lock out to public

Hide Your URLs from Public Showcasing

Not interested in having your name/link showcased to get extra traffic? We realize that sometimes it makes sense to hide the links altogether from our public listing them in the top-ranking charts we provide for you (intended to drive more traffic your way). And, we realize that Premium Members need that ability to cloak their mere existence on our site... so you can (with a single-click) lock out your links from being listed.


Earn While Using/Referring Us

Members Only (basic / premium) Exclusive Affiliate Program - where we let you earn for spreading the word about our services. People pay gobs for services like these.




... and, with many more features coming [already in the works] as well.

We don't want to list all of those here cuz we don't want to overwhelm ya!




wanna see how we compare against others?




To use our 'on-the-go' feature, drag this { Scrnchlet } to your bookmarks toolbar

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